For seminars, classes and meetings with automated recurring payment.


Our system, NetMeeting, is a system that organizes online classes with a calendar, streaming options and a members system with automated payments. In more details, our system supports:

  • Smooth installation in existing WordPress systems.
  • System to handle classes per day per administrator.
  • Visual calendar with all the classes per week.
  • Complete membership system with sign-up form, login form, forgot my password code and others.
  • Zoom meetings inside the browser.
  • Payment system with automated monthly payments.
  • Payment management and creation of plans
  • Membership administration with reports on payments.

Our system is ideal for businesses that require meetings such as personal trainers, gyms, lawyers, online schools and others.

Visual look and Theme

Our system can be adjusted to match your website colors or your company brand guidelines. Our final deliverable is always:

  • Responsive. Meaning that can run in web, tablet and mobile phones smoothly.
  • CSS/JS  are compressed for top speed.
  • Use of SVG images for top resolution and clarity
  • Image compression for speed 

Membership System

We provide a complete membership system with the following.

  • Sign-up form
  • Login form
  • Forgot my password form
  • Edit profile
  • Change password
  • Delete profile
  • Account settings

As well as further membership functions.

Classes System and Calendar

Of course one of the most useful functions in the website is the calendar that indicate when the classes start each week. This will be visible at the first page and also at a unique page.  From here the members can prepare for the next class and see all details per class. Of course each class will have it’s own unique page with text and photos available to non members as well as a way to tease them into becoming members. The classes are showing up here in the same way as they were defined in the administration system.

Classes Clock

If is very useful to feel that there is always a class happening.  With the use of a special page called ‘Live’ the user can see the remaining time till the next class. When a class is live then the user will see the Join now button. Overall our system uses this clock features throughout to have a sense of continuous classes. This page will be at a special link at:


All classes can be recorded and later on can be added at our special page called The Vault – only for members – where they can be stored by date in Youtube. They will have title, date and which class they refer to. It is very important for the user to see a variety of video. These over time can create value at your website. These videos will be added from the administration system.


For more information contact us.