An empty site looks bad. That’s because in the real world – no business is just an empty building.

A business in the real world has a building, a sign, flyers, and most importantly people that are there to help you and guide you either that is a service or a product. A website should not differ much. In order to engage with a customer in today’s digital world, a website should remember that is reaching out to people that have emotions, expectations, questions, and fears.

You understand that as we move in the digital era – all that was once in the ‘real’ world will simply now be available online. But human psychology, won’t and should not change. You will still need to feel trust, security, and build a relationship with your clients. The glue to all this is content.

It is our job as website builders to help you through the process of creating rich content for your website.

If you struggle with this, a series of questions is always helpful:

  • What do you offer?
  • When did your business start and why?
  • What is your target audience and key industries?
  • How do you offer it?
  • What makes you unique?
  • What, as a business owner, excites you and makes you want to wake up in the morning?
  • What are the key differences between you and your competitors/
  • When did you start with your business?
  • What is your background
  • What are your success stories?
  • What where your challenges?
  • What are the services you offer?
  • What are the products that you offer?
  • If you had to describe what you do in a small paragraph – how would you do that?

After you answer these questions what you can do next is to decide the type of your media.

Is it going to be text? Video? Audio? Images?

Each media type has its’s own unique pros and cons and difficulty level that comes along with them.

However, whatever you do remember this: A website is more than a commercial entry point or a SEO tool. A website can help you construct a clear mental structure of your business. I have seen countless cases where by just setting up the categories and menu structure of a website, business owners gained clarity over their business mission and statement.

Image by Yerson Retamal from Pixabay