Marit came to us asking for a simple website to kick off her new business. It started with zoom and a close community of friends taking online zoom classes,

After spending time on the visuals, for responsive mobile, table and web we tailored a system to match Marit’s needs for a quick, easy to access, easy to join a class website.

The live clock system.

One of our ideas was to take what Marit had in mind and take it a notch further. We developed a clock system that detects the exact date and time of the upcoming class and presents the exact number of days, hours and minutes till start. Once the class is live you can join!

The join class functionality

After the class is live the client can join! The main option is to join using your zoom application. Just click the button and your zoom app will open allowing you to join.

The other option is still in beta mode as it is extremely fresh. Is the in-browser Zoom API that zoom develops. This works on Chrome but we still wait for further updates to make it better. Works great on 1-to-1 sessions though.

The Vault

Let’s say that you miss a class. What to do now? No worries, because all paying customers get access to the ‘Vault’. All classes are meticulously recorded and uploaded here.

Your dashboard

All clients get their access to the dashboard. From here they can see the summary of all upcoming classes, see class notes and off course get the Join Button once a class is live. It serve’s as a customer central point of announcement and historic options.

The extras

And there’s more.

  • Payment gateway
  • Signup, login, forgot password pages
  • Account page to handle account
  • Cancelation options
  • Email notifications

…and much much more.

To visit this website click at:

Moving forward

We believe that this is a great way to kick-off your online business working from home. Ideal for therapists, trainers, personal trainers, laywers, doctors and more.

Imadra Media was very excited to have that project going and we wish Marit and her client’s great classes and enjoyment.

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